BENTWOOD Wood Rings - Handcrafted, Unique and Durable


Bentwood Jewelry Designs is my passion and I take great pride and pleasure in making these unique wood rings using my own specific bending and finishing system resulting in extremely durable and waterproof rings which are guaranteed to last and not break even with normal everyday wear.

Why choose bentwood rings?  There are other less expensive wood rings out there but nothing compares to the solid construction, design and feel of a bentwood ring that will not break unlike the standard bulky laminate or "cookie cutter" wood rings.  Bentwood rings utilize the full strength of the wood with the grain wrapping around the circumference of the ring giving them their surprisingly durable structure as well as displaying the wood grains full beauty.

Why choose BENTWOOD Jewelry Designs' rings?  Every ring I create is given the time, care and attention it and my clients deserve.  I stand behind my bentwood rings 100% and warranty each ring from breaking as well as refinish all my rings for free so for only the cost of postage & handling your ring can always stay protected and polished like new.

Environmentally friendly?  A bentwood ring creates very little waste and can be created from salvaged and remnant lumber or even your own personal wood which allows a part of that tree to be "reborn" as a customized bentwood ring that will live on as a wearable piece of art.  I strongly believe in contributing to a better world by planting a new tree in America for each bentwood ring sold through donations to the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the United States, American Forests, to protect and restore our forests. 

Handmade?  Crafting bentwood rings demands planning, time, patience and cannot be mass produced.  My bentwood rings are handcrafted by me in my shop located in The Woodlands, Texas. I hope you enjoy looking at my catalog and please remember, any rings in my current collection can be customized or I can even create an entirely new ring design using a specific wood or inlay material that has a special meaning to you or a loved one.



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